HXP - Procedure Call Dictionary
Health Xchange Protocol

The Procedure Call Dictionary (PCD) is the detailed documentation of all procedure calls. It contains the:

1) description of a procedure call
2) purpose of a procedure call
3) parameter description, type, and values needed
4) response data type and values
5) description of error codes and their meaning
6) information on extendability
PCD versions
Each PCD is released as a version. Each new version should be reverse compatible to earlier versions by supporting all previous procedure calls.

The initial procedure calls are currently authored by Elpidio Latorilla. These procedure calls are still in draft status and need to be extended. Furthermore these procedure calls need to go through a thorough peer review.

Procedure names
The current draft proposals for procedures can be seen here.

Adding procedure calls
Each new procedure call should be proposed as candidate for addition and an online demo should be installed proving its function. When it is approved, it will be included in the next version release.