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9 October, 2004
Italian hospital uses Care2x

Another milestone in Italy

The italian hospital Policlinico Umberto I di Roma Dipartimento Malattie infettive (department of infectious diseases) has started to use Care2x in an initial experimental phase. The installation was done by the MFH company under the direction of Marco Fiorletta.

For verifications , pls. contact:
Marco Fiorletta
Via di Campo Romano 30, 00173, Roma
+39-067230668 (r.a.)

18 September, 2004
Care2x for man's best friends

They bark and say "meow" for open source.

Clinique Vétérinaire Des Alizés, a veterinary clinic in France is using Care2x, an open source hospital information system, to manage the data of its "patients". These patients do not say "hello" but bark, say "meow", or otherwise emit animal sounds. Yes, open source software is also being used for animal patients. Dr. Jean-Philippe LIOT, the head of the clinic has implemented Care2x in the clinic's intranet and has also developed several customized functions and plugin modules. These additions have been incorporated in the current software releases since then. Currently, Dr. LIOT is developing a live video module for round-the-clock monitoring of his patients in their caged "wards".

For verifications and more info about the plugins, pls. contact:
Dr. Jean-Philippe LIOT
Clinique Vétérinaire Des Alizés
39 Avenue René Coty
85180 Chateau d'Olone

17 August, 2004
Italian Olympic Committee uses Care2x

CONI, as the committee is popularly known in Italy, has approved its sports medicine department locally called L'Instituto Nazionale di Medicina dello Sport (INMS) to use a custom version of Care2x.

According to Umberto Rampa, the department's IT director responsible for the project, it took the INMS around 17 months to make the important customizations up to using the modules in real productive environment. The institute has more "outpatient" character. Their "patient", mostly athletes, isn't sick but rather a kind of superman.

The INMS started the customization of Care2x in Rome on March 2003 by hiring two professional software engineers. They modified and/or enhanced many modules to fit their needs in billing, laboratory, demographics, medical reports, as well as migrating data from a legacy system. The resulting product was first tried for productive operation on April 2004. On the following month, they activated the "general medicine" and "appointment" modules. On June 2004, the cardiology module was activated.

Mr. Rampa said that they are now planning to integrate modules for intruments management and digital imagery.

For verifications, pls. contact:
Tel: 39-6-36851 (ask for Mr. Umberto Rampa)
Mail address:
Largo Lauro De Bosis, 15
00194 Roma

03 August, 2004
Care2x in 10 malaysian hospitals

Malaysian government awards contract

On February 2004, the malaysian ministry of health (Pejabat Timbalan Menteri Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia) awarded a contract to the ProRata Traders/IDBE Systems consortium of companies to implement Care2x in 10 malaysian hospitals.

The implementor company is IDBE systems headed by Mr. Mustapa Osman. According to Mr. Osman, the implementation of a highly costumized version of Care2x will be done in a "3-hospitals per year" phase. This specialized version will be integrated with enterprise grade applications.

For verifications contact - mustapa.osman(at)

26 June, 2004
Care2x in Regione Lazio, Italy

Italian marketing campaign

The MFH Italy company successfully made a marketing presentation of Care2x in Regione Lazio, Italy. This has convinced the local government to setup a commitee to evaluate the implementation of Care2x in their hospitals.

The MFH company is a manufacturer of server hardware and has been supporting the Care2x project with hardware infrastructure including a PostgreSQL server for online demonstration.

25 June, 2004
Care2x at ITeG in Frankfurt

First commercial industrial exhibition

The new industrial exhibition called ITeG was held successfully in Frankfurt, Germany. The healthcare Consulting gmbh, a professional consulting firm specializing on healthcare has presented its diverse consulting services together with its implementations. It has focussed on services for and around Care2x.

more info (in german) ...

April 30, 2004
myCare2x + Care2x in Oberbayern, Germany

First commercial marketing campaign for Care2x in Germany.

A total of 20 representatives of community clinics from the state of Bayern have attended a conference held at the Seeon Monastery in Oberbayern, Germany. Mr. Joachim Mollin of the healthcare Consulting company presented to the public his support concept for the open-source solution which he named myCare2x. myCare2x is also a consortium of several commercial companies which committed to delivering services for healthcare based on open-source products.

A copy of his presentation in german language can be viewed online here:

March 30, 2004
Care2x at GMDS in Mannheim, Germany

Latest Care2x presentation.

The latest presentation of Care2x was done at the GMDS (German Society of Medical Informatics) conference in the city of Mannheim in Germany last March 26, 2004. It was presented by Mr. Wilfried Gödert (physician) using the "Project Status" ppt presentation.

A copy of the presentation is here. Info of the GMDS conference in german language is here. Info of the city of Mannheim in german language is here.

March 15, 2004
Care2x Workshop at the University of Applied Sciences in Ulm, Germany

2-days marathon workshop

The workshop was initiated by Prof. Dr. Kesztyüs, the vice dean of the informatics department. It was attended by informatics students, professional software developers, business consultants and enterpreneurs. The main topics were the architecture and programming of the Care2x application. It was concluded with a hands-on development of a test module. The workshop was conducted by Elpidio Latorilla.

Info of the Informatics department in german language is here.

March 6, 2004
Care2x at LinuxTag in Chemnitz, Germany

A successful presentation.

Andreas Tille did a nice presentation of Care2x at the LinuxTag Exhibition/Conference in the city of Chemnitz in Germany last March 6, 2004. He concluded it with a live demonstration of Care2x-Knoppix package.

His presentation in german language here. Info of the LinuxTag in german language here. Info of the city of Chemnitz in english language here.

February 29, 2004
Report on the meeting

1st Care2x non-virtual meeting

This is the final report on the Care2x meeting in Flensburg, Germany. The report was done in chronological style. There are links to the presentations and files that were used in the meeting to give you the chance to review what were shown in that day. There are also several pictures of that meeting. To see the report please click here.

February 11, 2004
1st Care2x non-virtual meeting

Tentative list of speakers for the meeting.

The 1st non-virtual meeting of Care2x will be held at Flensburg, Germany on February 11, 2004. There will be a "conference-style" program of speakers for different topics that are relevant to the project. You can see the tentative list of speakers here:

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