The following are new in the 2nd Generation Deployment 2.1 version:

A. "Deployment" status

  • Care2x uses the term "deployment" instead of "stable".
  • Why "deployment" ?
    Care2x is actually quite stable that it does deserve to be labeled as stable, but some language versions are not 100% complete. However, these incomplete language versions DO NOT hinder the reliability of the application.


    B. PostgreSQL support

  • PostgreSQL database is now supported in addition to the mySQL.
  • Test runs were done with PostgreSQL 7.2
  • The auto-installer can install either in mySQL or PostgreSQL
  • C. New Features and Improvements

  • Smarty Template System with 2 built-in themes (initial framework added by T. Wiedmann)
  • Plugin system and Plugin manager
  • Plugins available online from here
  • CSS based GUI with 7 built-in themes (user selectable)
  • User selectable main menu GUI with 3 built-in designs
  • ImageJ applet for manipulating and editing encounter images
  • Arabic PDF document generation (added by Walid Fathalla)
  • Improved configurator for departments (added by Kurt Brauchli)
  • Improved immunization module and automatic zip code input (Jean-Philippe LIOT)
  • Added button on the admission data page to go directly to registration data page
  • Plugin system for additional inline help documents
  • Built-in PhpPgAdmin for managing the PostgreSQL database (accessible via admin)
  • D. CDS - Central Data Server and HXP Server

    This version has an experimental support for Central Data Server using the HXP exchange protocol. For details please go here.

    E. Additional Language and Help files

  • Bosnian
  • Serbian
  • Farsi
  • Greek
  • F. Coding System

  • Spanish ICD10 and OPS301 (Dr. Montemayor)
  • Credits for this deployment release
  • Ali Kanarya (TK) = Initial postgreSQL database schema dump
  • Daniel Zilli (BR) = Brazilian translations
  • Dr. J. Manuel Montemayor (MX) = Spanish ICD10 and OPS code dumps
  • Dr. Jean-Philippe LIOT (FR) = Improvement of Immunization module and automatic zip code input
  • Emir Prcic (BS) = Bosnian translation
  • Fco. Villanueva = Bug report, patch
  • Joachim Mollin (HCCGmbH company) = Javascript based drop-tree main menu design
  • John Lu (CA) = Chinese-simplified help files
  • Kurt Brauchli (CH) = Improvement of departments configurator
  • Marco and Francisco Imme (IT) = bug reporting
  • Mark Painter (ZA) = feedbacks, reports
  • Mauri Nieme (TZ) = bug reports
  • Muhammad Panji (ID) = Indonesian translations
  • Nino Novak (DE) = German version translations
  • Petar Savic (SR) = Serbian translation
  • Thomas Wiedmann (DE) = Smarty template system, testing , bug reporting, SQL consultations
  • Vinay Boocha (IN) = Suggestion of ImageJ
  • Walid Murad Fathalla (LY) = Arabic translations, PDF generator and layout adaptation
  • Wei Ning Chen (CN, P.R. of China) = Chinese translations (Chinese-Simplified)

    Note: If I have forgotten to list somebody here please let me know. Thanks :-)
    Elpidio Latorilla (2004-10-02)