Installation (2nd Generation Deployment 2.1)

Automatic installation

(For manual installation for mySQL, click here)
(For manual installation for PostgreSQL, click here)

NOTE: The following installation procedure is valid ONLY for the 2nd Generation Deployment 2.1.

NOTE: This installation will not install the apache-mysq-php applications. You have to install them separately before you install care2x.

1. Uncompress the CARE2X 2nd Generation Deployment 2.1 scripts into the active directory of your server.

2. Start your browser and type http://your_host/install/install.php .

3. Enter the necessary information.

4. Click the "Install Care2x" button.

5. If everything went well, a button should appear for starting the Care2x.

6. End of installation.

7. Configure Care2x => go here


If you are installing on a PostgreSQL, the installation will take 3 - 4 times longer than mySQL so please be patient and wait till the installation has finished. Never close the browser.

Database name
If the database is not yet existing, the installer will attempt to create it.

If the installer fails to create the database name due to possible user permission problems, create the database name using your proven dbms administration application before you install Care2x. After creation, just enter the same database name in this field.

If you leave it blank, the installer will use "localhost". You can leave it blank or type localhost ONLY if you are sure that your system is using localhost. It is important to use the domain name or IP address of the database server.

If your web server is using a non-default port number (default is 80),add this port number separated by colon (:) for example

Secret keys
You can leave them blank, the installer will generate random number keys.

Transfer protocol
If you are running Care2x in an SSL server, make sure to select the "https".

Domain name
Enter the domain or host name where this care2x is installed without the "http://" or "https://" part and without a trailing slash. If you leave this blank or enter wrong information, you will get problems in storing and displaying uploaded images later on.

Diagnosis/procedures codes
Select only the code set that you need.

Critical files
At the end of installation, several files will be renamed by the installer by appending randomly generated numbers. It is however recommended that you delete or move these files out of the server directory.

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