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Limitations of use

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Additional copyright owners

Module License Copyright owner
Ataraxia GPL Victor Christianto
eCombill GPL
JavaDicomViewer GPL Nagoya Institute of Technology
Library License Copyright owner
Barcode LGPL barcode(at)mribti(dot)com
Calendar LGPL Jürgen Lang
Checkdate (javascript) LGPL or GPL Thomas Wiedmann
Date Picker (javascript) LGPL or GPL Biju Gopinath
Date Time Manager LGPL or GPL Albert L. Lash
HTMLArea (Javascript) LGPL Mihai Bazon
LadeZeit LGPL Günni (guenni1981(at)lycos(dot)de)
PhpPDF Public Domain Wayne Munro
PhpSniff LGPL Roger Raymond
PieChart LGPL Rahman Haqparast
Thumbnail LGPL Blaz Grapar
Tigra Color Picker (javascript) Public Domain

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