What you can do...
Translate Care2x into your language
Translating is one of the easiest tasks of the project. In fact, you do not need to know programming. You only need the minimum skill in using a keyboard and a word processing program. For programmers, translation is the easiest way to get started with the development because it gives a first glimpse of the software architecture. Here's the detailed guide on translating.
Create New Icons Design
Create new sets of icons with fresh looking themes. Another very easy task, you only need minimum skills in using graphic editors.
Test and Report Bugs
Install, test run Care2x and report back bugs and irregularities. Your report is very important to the improvement of the software.
Create New Look
Create new cool looking designs based on CSS templates. You need a minimum knowledge in CSS programming. Here's the How-To.
Create New Page Design
Create new GUI page designs. You need a minimum knowledge in HTML and the Smarty Template System. Here's the How-To.
Instead of just reporting bugs, you can debug them and submit the patches. You need a minimum knowledge in php programming.
Create Plugins
Develop plugin modules or package your existing application as a plugin. Here's the How-To.
Program modules
Code new modules and functionalities. You need minimum skills in php programming, javascript, database management, apache webserver and html.
Develop core program
Develop the core code of the software. You need knowledge in Care2x's architecture, db schema, libraries and object classes.