Credits (In alphabetical order, by first name. Only those with pictures)

A. Djem (ID)

Desktop wallpaper designs for Care2x
Designs for the new Care2x websites
Graphic designs for Knoppix-Care2x CD and website.

A.Djem belongs to those young but very talented web designers. His determined enterpreneural spirit is clearly shown by his own start-up web-hosting and design company Adams-Media.

A. Djem can be contacted here.

Agus Muhammad Ramdan (ID)

Indonesian translation of Care 2X and website
Javascripts improvements
Dicom viewer debugging

Agus is currently studying mathematics in a university specializing in computer science.

Agus M. Ramdan can be contacted here.

Andreas Tille (DE)

Andreas did a presentation of Care2x at the LinuxTag exhibition in Chemnitz, Germany.

He is mostly active for the Debian and Debian-Med projects.

Andreas can be contacted here.

Are Kristensen (NO)

Norwegian translation
Online demo

Are Kristensen can be contacted here.

Dr. med Daniel Hinostroza C. (EC)
Spanish translations

Author and coauthor of numerous medical textbooks
5 years as Director of the Grünenthal Medical Informatics Center, Quito - Ecuador
Initial studies in Medical Informatics at Stanford University
2 years as Multimedia Project Leader of Grünenthal GmbH, Aachen, Germany

Official translator for phpMyAdmin (Spanish)
Webmaster of the largest Ecuadorian medical website initiative ( and the Ecuadorian Society of Dermatology (

Dr. Daniel Hinostroza can be contacted here.

Daniel Zilli (BR) translated CARE 2X and website to brazilian-portuguese.

Daniel Zilli was born in Passo Fundo, Rio Grande Do Sul' state, Brazil. He has a degree in Software Engineering and graduating in Information Systems soon. He is specializing in free software and Linux systems with more than 10 years of experience in computer science.

Daniel Zilli can be contacted here.

Daniele Frijia (DE) checked the security aspects of CARE 2X.
A few of his many contributions:

Advice on security
Consultations on php matters
He is the "sentinel" of the project

Daniele Frijia (born 81), currently working for an ISP in Nuremberg, Germany, dedicates his php knowledge to improve the security of Care2x. The intention is to open a new "market" (medical) for the open source community.

Daniele Frijia can be contacted here.

The first beta version of CARE 2X was created by Elpidio Latorilla (DE/PH):

Programmer, Surgery Nurse, Electronics & telecommunications technician

Areas of interest:
C, C++, PHP, Javascript, SQL, TCL/TK, HTML, Perl, ASP, Java

Elpidio Latorilla can be contacted here.

Emir Prcic (BS):

Bosnian language translations and creation of Bosnian/Latin ICD10 sql data. Testing and bug reporting.

Born in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Graduated from Barton College in NC, USA (BS in political science, Computer Science and Mathematics)
Now living and working as IT-director in Germany. Active in IT business since 1992. Areas of expertise: networks, administration, ASP, VB, VBScript, C#, Java, Javascript, PHP, SQL, etc.

Wishes: "I wish Care2x to be the best HIS software in the world"

Emir Prcic can be contacted here.

Gabriele Cicala (IT) translated most of the the website to italian.

Gabriele Cicala was born in Rossano, in Calabria southern Italy, in 1970. He has obtained a degree in Telecommunications Engineering from the Politecnico di Torino. Currently, he is working as a consultant for an informatics company.

Since he has known Linux and the open-source environment, he is very interested in every kind of project of this movement. Despite the fact that he is neither working in medical nor in health sector, he decided to join the Care project because he believes in the same things that the Care's creator and contributors believe.

Gabriele Cicala can be contacted here.

Giuseppe Scarpi (IT) translated CARE 2X to italian.

Giuseppe Scarpi was born in Rome, Italy, 35 years ago.

He has a degree in Electronic Engineering and has worked for several companies in the biomedical sector, where he developed an understanding about the relationships between medical and informatics worlds.
He uses and appreciates both Linux and Windows, "as both are the result of a great human work that must be respected".

He decided to actively join open source because:
"Such an ideal world can survive only if perfectly balanced. If you take something, you should also give back in proportion."

Giuseppe Scarpi can be contacted here.

Gonzalo Gomez Sotelo (AR)

Spanish translations

Gonzalo Gomez Sotelo can be contacted here.

Ingo Zugenmaier(DE)

Enhanced integration of DRG coding system.

Ingo has developed an enhanced integration of DRG coding in the Care2x framework. He did the programming work as part of his thesis at the University of applied sciences of Ulm, Germany. His work is now being studied for eventual integration in major release versions of Care2x. Care2x has also created a special CVS branch for his work tagged as INGO_Z-01 branching out from the Care2x beta 2.0.0 version.

Ingo Zugenmaier can be contacted here.

Javier Alberto Arias (AR)

Spanish translations

Javier Alberto Arias can be contacted here.

Dr. Juan Manuel Montemayor (MX)

Spanish ICD10 and OPS codes
Creation of high resolution, high quality graphic slides for promotional presentations of Care2x.
Promotion of Care2x in Mexico.
Spanish translation of help files and images.
Online demo installation of Care2x.

Dr. J. M. Montemayor can be contacted here.

Lopo Lencastre de Almeida (PT) is one of the most productive developers. Some of his contributions to the project are:

Marketing, Promotion and Public Relations
Web and Logo design
Implementation & maintenance of several web tools (Bugtracker, Forum, FAQ, etc.)
Implementation & maintenance of the new web site (almost done)
Forum moderation and administration
Code finder/digger
Consultations on PHP
Advises on security
Abstraction Layers Advisor (DB, Template, etc.)
Ideas, discussions, hints, tips, etc.

Lopo L. de Almeida was born in Angola in 1966. He is working in the computer sector - ranging from commercial automation to industrial automation - as a software developer and interface designer for more than 16 years now . During the last 5 years he worked mostly in web development and company management. He is the CEO/CTO of HumanEasy - a partner of Care2002 project in charge of its Public Relations and Marketing Management.
He is also involved in many other GNU/GPL projects; some of them are in use at Care2x's site.

Lopo L. de Almeida can be contacted here.

Luca Romoli (BR/IT)

PPT Presentations and templates
Project management tools
Financial management and marketing tools
Marketing campaigns in Brazil

Luca is an experienced business consultant specializing in web applications. His target is to make the first productive installation of Care2x in Brazilian hospitals.

Luca Romoli can be contacted here.

Matej Hausenblas (FR) did the french translations of CARE 2X

Matej Hausenblas was born in Prague, Czech Republic, in 1981. He is a student on a math-informatics-physics university. After several years of using Windows he decided to have a look at Linux, as a worthy challenge and after some time, he decided to participate on the Open Source projects to improve some skills and also to return something back and to see how things work in this kind of community.

Matej Hausenblas can be contacted here.

Muhammad Panji (ID)

Indonesian translations of Care 2X and website.
Bug reporting

Muhammad Panji can be contacted here.

Nino Novak (DE) edited the german edition of

Nino Novak is a poor lonesome cowboy. He shoots faster than he thinks. Sometimes a bit fussy. Loves "real gurus" and sophisticated discussions with them. Wants to help in creating a better world. Some scientific and medical background (thus joined the care2x project).

Nino Novak can be contacted here.

Nguyen Manh Phu (VN)

Vietnamese version. Nguyen Manh made the initial translations.

Nguyen Mahn Phu can be contacted here.

Noel R. Villamor (PH)
Module programming

Finished the laboratory test plotting module tackling some tough mathematical problems.

Standby project manager

Noel Villamor can be contacted here.

Petar Savic (YU)

Serbian language translation.

Petar Savic can be contacted here.

Dr. Suman Bhusan Bhattacharyya (IN)

Development of several tools like vital statistics, gestation age, expected delivery age calculators, immunization scheduler, normal clinical values searcher, among others.

Dr. Suman Bhattacharyya can be contacted here.

Thomas Wiedmann (DE) is the most active debugger

Complete testing
DB 'optimistic locking' concept
DB optimizations
Validation scripts for date and numbers

Thomas Wiedmann is a long time software developer and works in Stuttgart, Germany. He has been working with Gupta Team Developer and IBM DB2 since 7 years and is an IBM Certified UDB DB2 Administrator, too. Read more about DB2 in his book "DB2" ISBN 3-932311-80-9. He is an author for TOOLBOX (, a German developer magazine.

Thomas Wiedmann can be contacted here.

Prof. Dr. Tibor Kesztyüs (DE)

Prof. Kesztyüs introduced the Care2x application as a material for masteral thesis of his students at the University of Applied Science in Ulm, Germany. His students are also actively developing specialized modules for local medical applications.

He is the vice-dean of the medical informatics division of the university.

Prof. Kesztyüs can be contacted here.

Walid Murad Fathalla (LY)

Arabic translations
Template redesign for arabic layout
Arabic TTF fonts and library for generating arabic TTF
Arabic Postsript fonts and library for producing arabic PDF reports.

Education and qualification
Bachelor of science - Computer engineering - 1999
AL Fateh university - Faculty of engineering
Tripoli, Libya

Walid Fathalla can be contacted here.

Wei Ning Chen (CH)

Chinese-Simplified translations.

Wei Ning Chen was born in 1971 in Nanjing, beside the Yangzi river of eastern China.

After obtaining a degree in Engineering from the Institute of China East in 1992, Wei Ning Chen keeps improving his programming skills. With several years of programming experience in Windows and a strong interest in every kind of open-source project, he decided to participate in Open Source projects to improve some skills and also to return something back and to see how things work in this kind of community.

Despite the fact that he is neither working in medical nor in health sector, he decided to join the Care project because he believes in the result of his endeavor that the Care project should be run in Chinese hospitals in the future.

Wei Ning Chen can be contacted here.

Wilfried Gödert (physician) (DE)
contributed the following:

Experimented with news server and OTRS Support System
Contributed to promotion & press relation in the initial phases of the project.
Experimented with Plug-ins auxillary project

Profession: Physician, with additional Medical Informatics degree

Wilfried Gödert can be contacted here

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