CARE2X - The Project
Integrated Healthcare Environment

Care2x integrates data, functions and workflows in a healthcare environment. It is currently composed of four major components. Each of these components can also function individually.

  • HIS - Hospital/Healthservice Information System
  • PM - Practice (GP) management
  • CDS - Central Data Server
  • HXP - Health Xchange Protocol

Our Mission

We strive to develop the most useful and practical integrated healthcare system which is open for others to develop further.

The "Team"

The development team has currently more than 100 members with different skills and backgrounds. They come from more than 20 nations.
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The Infrastructure

The project development is supported by a solid infrastructure comprising several components which play important specific roles. See here.


The project was started back in 2002 by a nurse with the public release of the first beta version. Detailed history can be read here.


Send or review questions at our FAQ engine.

How to join

It's very easy! Just go here and send us your information.


Care2x is technically administered at the site. Please click on the logo to go to the site.

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What you can do...

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