Hospital Information System

Care2x HIS is a smart software for hospitals and health care organizations. It is designed to integrate the different information systems existing in these organizations into one single efficient system.

Care2x HIS solves the problems inherent in a network of multiple programs that are noncompatible with each other. It can integrate almost any type of services, systems, departments, clinic, processes, data, communication, etc. that exist in a hospital. Its design can even handle non-medical services or functions like security, maintenance, etc. It is modular and highly scalable.

Care2x HIS uses a standard SQL database format for storing and retrieving data. The use of a single data format solves the problem of data redundancy. When configured accordingly, it can support multiple database configuration to enhance data security and integrity.

It is a web based software and all its functions can be accessed with a common web browser thus there is no need for a special user interface software. All program modules are processed on the server side. Module updates and extensions do not require changes on the browsers thus there are no network interruptions and downtimes. Its design supports multiple server configuration to distribute traffic and improve speed and efficiency.

Care2x HIS is an open source development (OSD) project and distributed with a "GNU General Public License". Its source code is freely-distributed and available to the general public.

To see a functioning application of Care2x HIS, go to Online HIS - a virtual hospital using Care2x HIS as its system (username = demo , password = demo).

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